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Captain Matthew Webb 

Our Vision

We strongly believe in creating a rich and varied range of learning opportunities to stimulate and challenge children in our school, in a caring and nurturing environment where every child is able to reach their potential.  Our vision is to educate our children for a changing world by opening the door to an inspirational learning journey! 
  • On this journey our children will learn through BLP (Building Learning Power) the skills of COLLABORATION by being ready, willing and able to learn alone and with others. 
  • Will be RESILIENT - ready, willing and able to have a go and make mistakes. RESOURCEFUL: be ready, willing to work in different ways and be REFLECTIVE by being ready, willing and able to become more strategic about learning.   
We are committed to helping children achieve their goals and ambitions be it on a football pitch, in a singing competition or in the classroom. The school has also achieved a number of awards including accreditations for ICT, Healthy Eating and Extended Schools.

Mrs J. Gupta 

Notice Board

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School Calendar

November 2015
There are no events in the calendar for this month.

Please accept our apologies 

This website is still under construction but we hope to have it completed soon.

Thank you for your patience.

Mrs JB Gupta and Staff