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Welcome to Captain Webb

We warmly welcome you to Captain Webb Primary School and hope that when you look at our website and the information that we provide, it will help you to see that CAPTAIN WEBB PRIMARY SCHOOL is a fantastic school!

In a previous Ofsted inspection a group of our children selected by the HMI (Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Education) met with him to give their views about our school. The children talked extensively about their experiences and their love of learning, their teachers and friends etc. but one child summed up the feelings of all the children by saying that that they felt that ‘CAPTAIN WEBB IS THE PLACE TO BE’!

We are very proud of our school for its HIGH EXPECTATIONS, ETHOS, ASPIRATIONS and VALUES.

For us, this is about giving every child the very best opportunity to be a good learner, to have positive aspirations for the future and to be happy as individuals. On their journey through school we encourage each child to excel on all fronts, whether it is academic, through sports, music, art or technology. To be confident to engage with extra-curricular activities, to have an enquiring mind, desire to learn and to be successful young people!

We place a great deal of importance on honesty and developing good relationships with everyone this applies to staff and governors too! In our school everyone has a vital role to play in both the education of the children but also creating the right environment to enable children to flourish.

Central to all that we do is the development of social. Moral, spiritual and cultural understanding in order that our pupils become confident, caring and respectful citizens:

We have high expectations of every child and want them to aspire to be the very best they can be.

We actively encourage and enable every child to be inquisitive about the world around them and to develop empathy and understanding and a desire to make a difference.

We believe that children are innovators and it is our goal to inspire and equip the children in our school with the mind-sets, skills and practices to develop thought and action

We appreciate too, that for children to achieve personal success and to be able to fulfil their dreams, we as a staff must provide them with the very best opportunities possible!

As Headteacher I believe having the very best staff and governing body and a fantastic school community that TOGETHER our ACHIEVEMENTS have NO LIMITS!

Jessie Gupta